What we do?

Trade Globally

Regardless of where you want to trade, we strive to make it happen with ease and precision

Long term Investors

We are hailed to be one of the best long term investors and we are always looking to improve your scope for future growth.


Sourcing out

We offer sourcing services for almost everything all over the world

Business Partners:

If you’re looking for the best business partner that can bring the right growth, there is no better choice than us.

About Orintal Ventures Holding

Oriental Ventures Holding Limited (OVH) is a company that owns the outstanding stock of ; Aria Horizons LTD, Aria Potential LTD, Pimi UK LTD, NN&SS LTD , PR-SAT LTD , Anahita Health Care Group LTD (AHG) and Oriental Venture Holding Co. Companies. Oriental Ventures Holding company (OVH) usually does not produce goods or services itself. Its purpose is to own shares of the above mentioned companies to form a corporate group. however, this holding company called parent company, which, besides holding stock in other mentioned companies, conduct trade and other business activities itselves. Oriental Ventures Holding companies reduce risk for the shareholders, and can permit the ownership control of a number of mentioned companies.

Who We Are Working With

We expand your market from any where to East Asia, European countries, Middle east and Africa.